Communiqué works on several special projects that develop the business community throughout the Gulf Coast region. 

GIVE A DAMN! Book & Merchandise

A portion of all proceeds go to Steve Gleason and his Team Gleason Foundation to generate public awareness for ALS, raise funding to empower those with ALS to live a rewarding life, and ultimately find a cure.

Responsibility, accountability a servant attitude and doing the right thing are center to the GIVE A DAMN! philosophy that uses common sense to address many of today's issues. Our own actions, individually and collectively, determine the world in which we live. Motivate your employees to improve their performance with an introduction to this inspirational way of thinking. For news or information about speaking events, please check the GIVE A DAMN! website.  Please like our Facebook page also!


For the past thirteen years, Mark continues to appear live on WWLTV’s program 'Digital Gumbo'; a monthly segment that addresses and informs the community on technology issues like information security, and the latest in technology advancements across many industries. Communiqué also helps promote unique entrepreneurial ideas along with up and coming technology products, services and companies throughout the Gulf Coast region.  If you are interested in being a part of Digital Gumbo, contact Mark at mlewis@communiquellc.com

Louisiana IT Symposium

The primary goal of the Louisiana IT Symposium is to bring CIO’s, CTO's, their management teams and their direct reports together for a day filled with IT best practice presentations and peer to peer networking. 


Connecting IT teams across all industries and across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast is a very powerful thing. The conference has grown from 90 attendees in 2011 to 350+ attendees in 2019. Held in November of each year, our other goal is to also build revenue to help fund a charity. The year 2020 was a special and very successful year year in which we provided multiple sessions virtually. For the past 3 years we have donated $30,000 to charities including the Team Gleason Foundation. We were blessed to have Steve as our keynote speaker for 2017.  

The Symposium Advisory Board currently consists of almost 100 CIO Executives and equivalent and they provide their input each year for the education tracks and keynote speakers. Click here for more info.

CEO Round tables New Orleans/Baton Rouge

The annual CEO Round tables are sponsored by Louisiana Economic Development (LED) each year (since 2013) through EO of Louisiana and are provided by Communiqué.  Approximately 15-18 CEO's and key decision makers are brought together from Louisiana-based small businesses 10 times throughout the year for strategic, collaborative, growth-oriented and coaching sessions. It is a supportive and trusting environment in which CEOs can safely explore both business and personal issues and share best practices.  Want to be part of it?  Let us know.


Participation in the Roundtables provides access to numerous benefits, including:

  1. Peer-to-peer learning through discussion,

  2. Interaction and the sharing of experiences that allow participants to learn from each other’s achievements and mistakes,

  3. Expert guest speakers and connections to various small business resources,

  4. Personal and Business Coaching and Feedback.


PatentDive builds software that provides the automation for rapid invention disclosure and the creation of patent applications. Also, PatentDive assists patent applicants with their marketing efforts.  Having been partially funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, PatentDive’s unique visual patent drafting interface significantly reduces the time and cost associated with preparing patent applications.  Communiqué is assisting this organization in raising funds and helping all idea makers with filing patents quicker and at a much reduced cost. 

Masters CEO Round Tables 

Similar to Annual CEO Round tables above, graduates of the LED Round tables from the seven previous years can optionally continue their personal and business development in the 4 areas above with other graduates from the LED program in their respective city.  New independent round tables are established every year.


Communiqué provides all the resources and requirements necessary for CEO’s who wish to continue to learn and grow from  their peers.


CEO of Evolve Media A.I.

Evolve Media AI is an exciting new start up that Mark has recently become a founding member and it's new CEO. Evolve Media AI is best described in an example. When guests attend an event they record videos with their mobile devices, and in most all cases that footage normally stays with them. Evolve Media A.I. changes all that. This new app transforms event attendees into artistic collaborators, inviting them to submit their individual videos to our cloud storage platform. It is then that the Evolve Media A.I. algorithm automatically and autonomously stitches the best photo and video shots together into a homespun memento for everyone to enjoy.  Evolve Media's patent pending minimal viable product is expected to be introduced in the spring of 2021.  Evolve Media AI has already been funded by seed investors with more funding expected.  Email Mark for more info at mlewis@evolvemedia.ai